love of books

Yes, the love of books is a strange compulsion. I can’t stop reading whatever sounds interesting; buying more at used book sales than I’ll ever be able to read; and checking out books and tapes and videos that I end up returning because I run out of time to read/listen/view. Why?


It's the Words and Ideas

I can't get away from the words. Where else in the universe would you be paid to read and review, analyze, recommend and promote words and ideas that are meaningfully connected? We have the opportunity to display and market the ideas of our culture that will shape the world of the future.

--Posted by Carolyn at 1/23/2006 08:48:34 AM


Why do we do it?

Why become a librarian? Is it for the glamour? The easy hours? The generous compensation?

I did it mostly for the versatile hours, but I discovered that I like the companionship of the eclectic people who go into this field.

If you're one of them, why do you do it?