Check out the meteor shower

It's time to find a dark, dark place, right now (and again tonight after 11:00 p.m.)!

Here's how to view the Perseids in the northeastern sky.

A wonderful story about unusual signs in the sky is Alphabet of Dreams, by Susan Fletcher. Orphans Mitra and Babak have been living a primitive existence, hiding from their parents' killers in the Middle East of two millenia ago. Their safe obscurity comes to a dramatic end when people discover that Babak dreams of the future, and his skill catches the attention of a travelling magus. Competing magi, mysterious spies, and threatening soldiers all work to prevent the children from finding their long-lost relatives - or any place to call home - until they stop with the magi in a small village called Bethlehem.


  1. I only made it part way through this book and wonder if it makes any connection to the magi of the only other story I know that features kings of this sort.
    That's convoluted, but is the book more straight forward?

  2. It's not straightforward at all, but if you stay with it, it gets there in a wonderfully convoluted way. I never made the connection until 3/4 of the way through, when the magi said they were making an unexpected side trip to Bethlehem.

    If you want to pick up the story again, I recommend the audio book. It was very nicely narrated.