BBAW 2009: Vote for me! Or just vote.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not boycotting the BBAW 2009 Awards. So you are welcome to use this BBAW link to vote for me:We blog about books because we enjoy reading, and enjoy talking about books, and most of all because we enjoy chatting with other people who enjoy books. Nobody is in this for fame and fortune, and none of us will get a Pulitzer for our blog (unless we convince the powers that be to add blogs... hmmm...).

Book bloggers depend on publishers to supply the books. Publishers encourage us to review their products by giving us free copies and advance reading copies, tchotchkes, and prizes to give away, etc. There will always be fine lines to cross, but in a Web 2.0 world, they're scratched in shifting sands. As long as we're all honest about our connections and intentions, let's just enjoy ourselves.

I discovered Book Blogger Appreciation Week for the first time this year. Through being nominated, and following the judging process on Twitter, I've found great new book blogs to read, and many new friends to chat with about books. What result could be more enjoyable than that?


  1. Are there people boycotting this? How sad. :( This is my first year participating, too, and I know it was meant to be a celebration, nothing more.

  2. I was attempting humor. There was a Twitter furor over some blogs nominated, who accept money from publishers in exchange for reviews. Some others withdrew their blogs from consideration in protest. Probably very few, but it seems totally silly to me.

    Most responses were just like yours: that it's meant to be about celebration, enjoyment, appreciation. Good luck!