You had me at "Well hello there..."

Jian Ghomeshi's CBC Radio “curatorial show,” Q, is always fascinating and often keeps me in the car long after I’ve reached my destination – just to hear the end of a great song or interview. It’s been two nights in a row now: first, William Shatner’s analysis of why our relationships with our favorite radio performers seem so intimate was especially fascinating under the circumstances…

Today, Jian interviewed Mark Schatzker, humor writer for The Globe and Mail. Schatzker's short column about Occupy Toronto protests included satirical quotes by fictional protestors, one of which has been adopted by U.S. presidential candidate Rick Perry as a rallying cry against the protests. I had to laugh when Schatzker mentioned that Perry's misuse of the quote by "Jeremy" had garnered him far more fame than his recent book, Steak, had.

Jian responded, "If only Jeremy had cited your book!" Indeed, how sad that one inflammatory sentence can take on such a life of media notoriety, while the typical media sales package did not accomplish that goal for a book by the same author!

Speaking of the Occupy Wall Street protests, does anyone else find the City of Oakland's responses this past week reminding them eerily of Cory Doctorow's YA novel Little Brother?

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