Tired of Zombies?

Not that there can ever be too many zombie apocalypse books, but perhaps it's time to move on. In that spirit, how about a robot apocalypse? Even better, it's frighteningly convincing, written by a roboticist as a mashup of "Terminator", "Chucky", and Slade's Children.
Yes, the evil robot overlord has taken control of every linked technology in the world, turning it all against the puny humans. Most are murdered by their caretakers and helpers, but a few are rounded up in slave labor camps (where they are experimented on by their captors), and fewer still are hiding in isolated pockets of resistance: the low-tech Osage Nation, an elderly Japanese manufacturer, some small Army units.

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  1. "Not that there can be too many zombie apocalypse books..." You are a woman after my own heart. of course, being in middle school, books that have toilets on the cover take a slight precedent. I liked Wilson's A Boy and His Bot, so will take a look at this one.